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Did you know that you can instantly access area insights for every street in Scandinavia? And that movement patterns, demographics, card usage, competitive landscape, property information, and much more are available in Plaace? Norway’s leading retail players use Plaace and area insights to work smarter with operations, consolidation, and expansion.

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About Norli

Norli is Norway’s largest bookstore chain, offering a wide range of books, stationery, office supplies, and other related products. Established in 1890, the chain has grown to nearly 200 stores across the country.


Norli wanted to use data and area insights from Plaace to support lease renegotiations and to gain an overview of the competitive landscape in different parts of the country. Norli aimed to identify stores with the greatest potential and explore opportunities for expansion.


Norli uses Plaace to obtain better decision support in lease renegotiations in locations such as Trondheim, Sandnes, and Stavanger. Plaace also provides unique insights into the competitive landscape in various municipalities and helps Norli identify where there is room for more establishments. This is crucial for Norli’s strategy for optimizing its store network and further expansion.

“With Plaace, it is easier to find good locations for expansion . Plaace gives us valuable insights into trading areas and competitors, which helps us optimize our store network. This insight allows Norli to make more informed decisions. Area insights are also a valuable tool for us when renegotiating lease agreements.”

Truls Wivestad Nese

Eiendomssjef & Business Controller at Norli

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By analyzing movement patterns, demographic data, trade dynamics, and competitor locations, you can make smarter decisions for your chain. You can compare stores and track them over time. You can identify your success criteria for expansion and find ideal locations for new stores. Would you like to see how area insights can support your business strategy and contribute to the growth of your chain? Book a demo with Plaace today.

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