Crowd insights from Telia take Plaace´s expansion analysis to a whole new level

Partnership alert: Telia data finally included on the Plaace platform

There is probably not a better time to announce that Plaace has entered into a partnership with crowd insights giant Telia than now – seeing as our society finally has reopened.

This also means completely new insights about where and when customers travel, which help stores and property owners assess how attractive an area is for establishing a shop or restaurant. 

Telia has approximately 40% of the total market for mobile telephony in Norway. The mobile phones in Telia’s network communicate continuously with the company’s radio transmitters, giving Telia an overview of the approximate position and movement pattern. Aggregated, this provides a unique insight into how different areas in Norway are used.

The data is generated when mobile phones do their regular “ping” to keep in touch with the network. The data tells us how groups of people move around in society. We have up to 600 million such “pings” in Norway every day, explains Lars Helge Richter Strand, business developer at Telia.

The figures are both anonymized and aggregated, meaning that only groups of at least five people can be measured before they are posted on the Plaace platform. Ergo, their use is in accordance with the European Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

Crowd-insights giant Telia
Lars Helge Richter Strand and Snorre Jordheim Myhre

Telia data is already used by many other social actors. For instance, it has proved useful for municipalities that needed to know how people moved during the corona pandemic.

We think it is exciting that the dataset is now being used by Plaace to create better urban spaces. In combination with the other data Plaace uses, they become extra valuable, says Richter Strand.

Already last autumn, Plaace began using Telia data for manual analyzes of market bases and visits to shopping centers and areas in Oslo and Bærum. 

Telia is now part of the new, automatic analysis module that Plaace launched in July, which also includes data from Vipps / BankAxept and Prognosesenteret. 

We founded Plaace in frustration over empty premises and deserted streets in Oslo. Therefore, it is incredibly satisfying to be able to support important industries with the insight needed to create lively and vibrant cities. Telia is an important partner in this respect, says Snorre Jordheim Myhre, CEO of Plaace.

If you want to test Plaace yourself, just go to and create a profile. The free part of the system contains a bunch of demographic information and landlord/tenant showcasing their profiles/empty spaces. The analysis module is included in the data subscriptions Plaace offers. Read more about the different subscription offers here.

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