Product-talent heads over to Plaace to contribute to building a vibrant urban environment after Covid-19

Marthe Prestegaard becomes the new CPO (Chief Product Officer), and is now a part of the leadership group in Plaace.

Marthe Prestegaard will be the new CPO (Chief Product Officer), and part of the management team in the proptech company Plaace. “The product role is perfect as it allows me to combine technology and business. In Plaace, I work with talented people who share my views on product development, and it will be very fun to get to work!”

With an impressive CV, packed with product experience as Product Manager in Telenor Digital, Senior Product Manager in Attensi, and part of Antler’s second entrepreneur program in Oslo, she is ready to contribute to Plaace’s further growth. “It is motivating to be involved early, and help build the team and company. We are now starting the recruitment of more people in development, design and data science, and have ambitious goal for growth in the next year.”

“Marthe is the perfect addition to the team – her unique profile and product experience will ensure that we continue to develop a great product for our customers,” says CEO, Snorre Jordheim Myhre

Marthe will play a key role in further developing Plaace’s data-driven platform, which matches retail locations with tenants. The platform combines a number of data sources, with data from Telia, the Prognosesenteret and Vipps/BankAxept, among others. Machine learning is used to provide solid decision support and insight, which helps new companies establish themselves where they have the best prerequisites for success. ”This is an area where all actors see the value of more data-driven decisions, but where there has traditionally been little transparency, so there are a number of exciting challenges to solve on the product side.”

“I share the company’s international vision of becoming a world leader in creating a vibrant and bustling urban environment.“ I have lived and worked internationally for several years, including in Lyon. So it is perhaps no wonder that one of my hobbies is going to restaurants for new dining experiences. This is something that greatly affects how well I thrive in a city, either as a resident or a tourist.” Marthe thinks it is important to have a good mix of places that you can make use of in everyday life. “In these times, it is motivating to be able to work with a great team and exciting customers to solve a very current and important problem that has been reinforced by Covid-19 and social restrictions.”

After defining the skills we needed, set up lists of potential candidates from our personal networks – Marthe topped the lists. “After working with Marthe in Telenor Digital, I know how good she is and that she is able to drive complex product development” says CTO, Peder Søholt.

In less than a year, the company has attracted a number of pilot users, including real estate players such as Heimstaden, Scala Eiendom, Frognerbygg, and forward-thinking tenants such as Squeeze Massage, Sumo Sushi and Døgnvill to name a few.

“The company has come a long way in a short time, and I am impressed with what they have achieved so far on both the customer and product side.” Alongside the pilot customers and the rest of the team, the next few months will consist of improving and expanding the product into a market-ready solution that will be launched at the end of the first quarter of 2021.

“Now I look forward to increasing growth, getting even more users on the platform, and growing the team further!exclaims Marthe.

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