Collaboration between Plaace and Vipps for a better reopening of Norwegian cities

Plaace has entered into a data partnership with Vipps to get information about consumer shopping behavior throughout Norway.

Plaace has entered a data partnership with Vipps to get information about consumer shopping behavior throughout Norway.

The Norwegian technology company Plaace uses large data sets and smart analyses to help the real estate industry choose the right tenants and the retailers to choose the right neighborhoods for its shops and restaurants.

Statistics from Vipps and BankAxept are now part of the platform. Thus, the users of Plaace get even better information about the retail spending where millions of Norwegians use their card.

This will be worth its weight in gold when Norwegian cities reopen after the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have worked with Vipps over the past six months to adapt transaction data for use in our insight and matching platform for retail, dining and real estate. The data will be available to paying subscribers along with data from Telia and Prognosesenteret, says CEO Snorre Jordheim Myhre in Plaace.

Firstly, to clarify: Vipps is more than the app you use for online shopping and payments between friends. BankAxept, by far the most used solution for card payments in Norway, is also part of Vipps today.

This means that Vipps can deliver a data set that covers 75 percent of all card payments by bank terminals. The figures are categorized into 49 segments such as restaurant, bar and grocery.

In Plaace, landlords can use this information to find out what kind of business has the greatest chance of doing well in their area. And those who run shops and restaurants can in turn find out where it is best for them to rent premises.

We aren’t just sit on unique information – we have a dataset that is so large that it can be easily used without compromising users’ privacy. Of course, we do not follow the individual cardholder or company, but see the development in different parts of society over time, explains Karianne Sundahl, team leader for customer insight in Vipps.

During the corona pandemic, large parts of the Norwegian retail and dining industry have been closed for long periods. As the end of the restrictions approaches in line with the needle pricks in Norwegian arms, many are ready to expand.

At the same time, several players are in a vulnerable financial situation. This makes it extra important to be accurate when finding a tenant for your premises, or housing for your business. With Plaace, players can follow developments and trends in an area on a daily basis, and see how much money is spent on, for example, bars and restaurants right there.

The Covid situation has accelerated the use of such data, and many social actors are now using them, Sundahl states.

For Plaace, which was started in frustration over empty premises and common areas in Oslo, the pandemic has given a new dimension to the company’s purpose and vision.

– We are very pleased to be able to support important industries with the insight needed to make the city floor buzz with life again, says Snorre Jordheim Myhre.


  • Norwegian proptech company founded in 2020, and a platform to match tenants with premises
  • Uses large data sets from, among other things, card transactions and mobile networks to find out what kind of business is best suited for any location
  • Opened in the spring of 2021 for ads from both tenants and landlords. Roll out the analysis section this summer


  • Vipps is the Nordic region’s leading player in payment and identification, and has the brands Vipps, BankAxept and BankID.

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