winning, data-driven location strategies

Plaace helps you define a data-driven expansion strategy for your business. Consumer insights combined with breakdown of competitive landscapes support you in assessing potential expansion areas.


Prioritize short-listed areas in order to maximize ROI on your expansion investments. Future functionality will give you automatic expansion strategies, let you optimize a network of locations and see important attributes for your business.


with the best retail

space for your business

By having concept profiles on the platform, the data-driven recommendations can be put into action. Concept profiles contain information about a concept’s attributes that can be matched with a location that suits your needs and criteria.


It will help you sell your concept’s uniqueness and sign the most ideal properties for your business. The overview and matching will increase market transparency and ensure that you find a property where your business will thrive.


to build lasting,
 valuable relationships

Objective data will serve as a foundation for informed discussions with property owners, brokers and internal stakeholders, and allow you to build valuable relationships.

Property owners can share their properties in the same structured format and future functionality will enable you to create lists, comment on and rank properties while keeping track of how close you are to signing a new property.