winning, data driven tenant strategies

To define a winning tenant strategy, we let you combine your property’s physical location with valuable data such as footfall, consumer spending and the current tenant composition in the area.


The data is used to perform advanced analysis and determine what tenant mix and types are optimal for your property. By using data to define a tenant strategy, you mitigate the risk of selecting the wrong tenants and maximize your property’s value potential.


with the best tenant for your retail property

By having property and tenants profiles on the plattform, the data driven recommendations can be put into action. The profiles contain information about your property’s physical attributes as well as the tenants’ concept details and property criteria.


It will help you sell your property’s uniqueness, making it easy to execute on your data driven tenant strategy. This will increase market transparency, minimize risk and maximize the rent potential of your property.


to build lasting, 
valuable relationships

Objective data will serve as a foundation for informed discussions with tenants, brokers and internal stakeholders, and allow you to build valuable relationships.


Tenants can share their profiles and applications in the same structured format, and future functionality will enable you to create lists, comment and rank tenants while keeping track of where they are in the signing process.