We are live with area insights in Sweden and Denmark!

One platform, multiple markets

Get access to area insights throughout Scandinavia

We have reached a significant milestone at Plaace: We are now live with area insights in both Sweden and Denmark! Building on our success in Norway, we are expanding our services throughout Scandinavia. But that’s not all—we’ve set our eyes on Finland, aiming to extend our services across the entire Nordic region.

Building on our success in Norway

In Norway, we have made it easy for retailers, real estate developers, and the public sector to access area insights. We have developed a user-friendly platform that utilises a variety of data sources to provide unique insights for all locations. Now, we look forward to offering our most valuable datasets and enhanced features in Sweden and Denmark as well.

What is New?

We have launched footfall data, demographics, commercial hubs and points of interest data in both Sweden and Denmark. This provides businesses and organisations with unique area insights for all locations in these countries. Whether it is in the busy streets of Copenhagen or Stockholm, or the quiet corners of smaller towns, our expanded coverage delivers insights for every location, ensuring that you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

  • Footfall data: Unlock a world of insight with our Telia dataset, offering granular, timely, and comprehensive understanding of movement patterns. From long-term trends to hourly fluctuations, visitor origins and peak days, we let you investigate the dynamics of all areas. Assess catchment areas based on distances for walking, driving, and cycling.
  • Demographics: Explore the population in different areas, including details on age and gender distribution, household types, and income levels.
  • Commercial Hubs: Get insight on commercial hubs that are identified by Plaace with high density of retail, restaurants and services. They allow you to quickly get a feel for where the commercial activity is concentrated.
  • Points-of-Interests: Browse local shops, restaurants, and services, with options to filter by category and business type. See concept mix and compare to the overall municipality mix. Filter to see the locations for a certain category, like book stores, cafés or hairdressers. See the share of chains and independent concepts.

One platform, multiple markets 🇳🇴 🇸🇪 🇩🇰

With area insight for Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, all available in one platform, we are making life easier for retailers, real estate firms, and public sector bodies across these markets. Whether it is choosing the best locations, spotting investment opportunities, or planning urban development, we are simplifying operations with a single access point.

Looking into the future

The launch of area insights in Sweden and Denmark is an important step toward creating more vibrant cities and communities in the Nordics. We are convinced that data and insights from Plaace will assist retailers, real estate developers, and the public sector in making decisions that not only strengthen communities but also contribute to economic growth in the Nordic countries.

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