The Plaace team is growing – meet Nora and Georges

The Plaace team is growing and it is time to introduce our latest stars – Georges and Nora.

Meet Georges Issa

Georges is a senior product designer at Plaace. His main task is to design the product and user experience (UX) and optimize the entire end-to-end journey of our user’s interaction. George has a Master’s degree in both product design and architecture and has occupational experience related to both.

In his spare time, Georges likes rock climbing and improvisational cooking. One of his is favorite places in Oslo is Torggata Botaniske.

Georges is already fully integrated in the Plaace team and makes us all laugh with his “stupid joke of the day” column.

Georges Plaace

Meet Nora Stromberg Brask

Nora Brask Plaace

Nora is part of the data science team at Plaace. She works with product development where her main task is to maintain and improve the existing prediction model for location recommendations.

Nora has a Master’s degree in engineering and ICT (geomatics) from NTNU. Also noteworthy is the fact that she has two brothers named Fredrik.

Welcome to Nora who has already become an important part of the team and a big ray of sunshine.

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