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Find the perfect retail space for rent

Explore retail spaces for rent in areas that fit you needs. The property profiles all information you need to assess and choose the right one.


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Use data to find the areas that are optimal for your business


Find the perfect retail space for rent

Data-driven matching platform for commercial real estate

The faster we expand, the greater the risk of a bad location. With Plaace we can essentially eliminate that risk”

Erik Rehbinder
General manager in Squeeze

The faster we expand, the greater the risk of a bad location. With Plaace we can essentially eliminate that risk”

You´re in good company

Location selection is one of the key success factors of retail businesses

Find out where you should open your next store with location analytics

The illustration shows insight from Majorstuen

Norway's first data driven
matching platform

A next generation matching platform with available retail space and the data insights you need to choose the right location for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s free to see all available retail spaces, showcase your business with information on where you want to expand, and get access to simple area information. If you want to make a better decision when choosing your next location we recommend a paid subscription with access to data from Vipps / BankAxept, Prognosesenteret and Telia. The price varies depending on the subscription period and how many locations your company has. See the price page to find a subscription that suits you.

The platform is free to use and we have gathered retail spaces from large real estate companies, smaller partners, and private individuals so you have more spaces to choose from. You also get the opportunity to create your business profile to simplify the dialouge with property owners and show them where you want to expand. The platform also provides data and insight so that you can choose the area that will maximize your reveue potential.

You will find retail spaces in the city floor and shopping malls that are suitable for the retail, hospitality and service industries. The retail spaces are typically between 50 and 2000m2 with different and unique facilities.

In July 2021, the platform had 150 empty commercial spaces suited for retail, hospitality and services. We are actively working to fill the platform with great retail locations from commercial partners, real estate companies and brokers.

Choosing the right area and retail space is extremely important to meet your target customer group and reach the revenue potential of your company. In addition, the costs of an underperforming retail location are high – data & insight such as buying patterns, competitive situation, and people movement reduces the risk of a bad choice.

It’s up to you to decide how much information you wish to share regarding your expansion plans. If you showcase your expansion plans it will only be shown to professional property owners and brokers and will increase the chances of finding the ideal space. We can assure you that we:

– only have professional property owners on the platform
– other competitors cannot see your expansion plans
– you choose the perimeter of the area. (e.g. Oslo vs Bislett)

In the future, it will be possible to choose which property owners see what type of information, giving you even greater control.

Yes, you can see and follow up on your existing locations by using insights into the area’s development, number of visitors and nearby competitors. By looking at your performance figures combined with our unique data, you can map out what factors affect your sales. In the long run, automatic analyzes will be built to map your success criteria, so that you gain insight into what to look for when choosing a new location.

Yes, you can either choose a quarterly or annual subscription, but if you choose an annual subscription you will get a discounted price. See the price page to choose the subscription that suits you.

The paid subscription is suitable for anyone with retail property who wants to minimize the risk of choosing a bad tenant and wants to maximize rental income for the premise. Whether you are a private individual or a large company with many retail locations, the data helps you make objective and fact-based decisions that ensure better management of your property.