Meet the Plaace team

Our awesome team consists of people that are passionate about combining data and insight with the best user experience to create plaaces and cities that people love.


CEO & Co-founder

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Snorre is in charge of selling the Plaace vision slide by slide. He is involved in everything from strategy and funding to sales and product development, as well as making sure that everyone is thrilled about the work they do.

He has worked with business development at NorgesGruppen and consulting with Accenture Strategy. He has launched several companies and concepts through corporate innovation, and invested in a handful of start-ups as an angel investor.

He loves buildings and restaurants and his favorite is Arakataka.

Snorre holds an MSc in Management from Imperial College London.


CTO & Co-founder

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Peder is responsible for the technical development on all levels at Plaace.

He is an experienced technology and product director and has previously worked for companies such as BEKK, Miles, Schibsted, Telenor and Geddit.

His first job after his studies was as a Piccolo in a Norwegian soap opera and his favorite restaurant is anything Mexican.

Peder has a Master of Engineering and Advanced Software Engineering from the University of Sheffield.


CMO & Co-founder

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Tobias is in charge of the sales & marketing, as well as contributing to the funding and softfunding initiatives at Plaace.

He has previously worked for FlowMotion and Televenture, and has also been a part of a number of start-up journeys.

Tobias has a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management from NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship (NSE).



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Marthe is in charge of building products our users love! She is responsible for product management and user research to reach this goal.

She is an experienced product manager who has worked for a number of companies like Antler, Attensi, Telenor Digital and Bene Agere.

She has previously worked as a welder, and her place of work has now turned into the very cool bar, Ingensteds along the Akerselva river.

Her favorite restaurants are Geita, Bass and Paradise Wine Bar rumoured to open next door.

Marthe has a MSc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU as well as Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zürich.



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Roman is on Plaace's team of developers and works on the front-end of the Plaace platform.

He has 7 years of experience as a Full Stack Javascript developer working on websites, web servers and mobile applications.

He enjoys playing tennis and rowing, and enjoys all food except fish.

Roman has an economics degree from NMU university.


Design & Branding

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Charlotte is a designer at Plaace and works on branding, product design and marketing content.

She has previously been a store manager in both chain retail and high-end retail companies like Ting and Røst so she knows a thing or two about what retail concepts look for in a store location.

Charlotte is a trained graphic designer from Fagskolen Kristiania. Her favorite shops are Eske Interior Shop and Kollekted by.


Senior Product Designer

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Georges is a senior product designer at Plaace. His main task is to design the product and user experience (UX) and optimize the entire end-to-end journey of our user's interaction. Georges has a Master’s degree in both product design and architecture and has occupational experience related to both.

In his spare time, Georges likes rock climbing and improvisational cooking. One of his is favorite places in Oslo is Torggata Botaniske.



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Slava is one of the developers at Plaace and works mostly on the back-end infrastructure of the Plaace platform as well as the code base.

He is a full-stack software engineer with 5 years of experience working with SaaS online platforms.

In his free time he enjoys good music and brewing his own beer, and Japanese food is his favorite.

Slava has a master degree in Computer Engineering from Oles Honchar Dnipro National University in Ukraine.


Customer Success Manager

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Eirik works with Customer Success and is responsible for the onboarding and follow-up of our customers, ensuring that they get value out of the platform, as well as bringing feedback and experiences to the team. He has previous experience from other start-ups, including Unacast and Forkbeard Technologies, where he has worked in various areas and built up a broad background. Eirik has an MSc in Business from BI Norwegian Business School


Data Scientist

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Nora is part of the data science team at Plaace. She works with product development where her main task is to maintain and improve the existing prediction model for location recommendations.

Nora has a Master’s degree in engineering and ICT (geomatics) from NTNU. Also noteworthy is the fact that she has two brothers named Fredrik.


Data Scientist

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Ilia works as a data scientist. Previously he worked on several projects of data-driven business optimization, including demand forecast and even trading. He spends his free time exploring the city on long walks, working on pet projects, and playing flight simulators.


Full-Stack Developer

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Martinus works as a Full-Stack Developer in Plaace. He is motivated by writing clean code, and collaborating in cross-functional teams. He holds a MSc in Industrial Design Engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and has experience from Attensi's scale up journey.
When he’s not developing awesome new features, you’ll see him climbing like a pro, or enjoying some tasty pasta!


Full-Stack Developer

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Andrei works as a Full-Stack Developer at Plaace, mostly focusing on the frontend part of the platform. His main task is ensuring a clean-functional code that offers the best developer experience. On the other spectrum, he is very interested in working with animations and design elements. In his free time, he enjoys contributing to open-source projects, playing strategy games, and drinking a good beer. Andrew is following a bachelor's program at FSEGA University in Cluj.


Head of Sales

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Benjamin has overall responsibility for sales in Plaace. This involves everything from further development of the sales strategy to building up and managing the sales team. Benjamin is a trained actor on paper, but apart from a few small acting assignments, he has spent most of his career in the sales industry. He has been involved in building up and leading sales departments in several different companies, all of which have been either completely in the start-up phase or in significant growth phases. In addition, Benjamin has worked as a consultant and in marketing in recent years.


Sales and Business Development Intern

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Hans-Olav works as sales and business developer at Plaace. He has previous experience in sales and especially cold sales. He is currently studying BSc in Economics and Administration at BI Oslo School of Economics. Hans-Olav has previously competed in Karate.



Plaace is supported by some of the most talented advisors around. With expertise ranging from retail and proptech to design and venture capital they help guide Plaace in the right direction.

Carl Christian Christensen

Co-founder & CTO Spacemaker

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Carl is co-founder and CTO of prop-tech company Spacemaker, who has developed a revolutionary AI technology that helps users discover smarter ways to maximize the potential of a property. Spacemaker was established in 2017 and is a fast-growing company, now with over 100 employees. In fall 2020, Spacemaker was acquired by American Autodesk. Carl has an academic background in administration, finance, and informatics, and he previously headed the Product & Projects department at Bekk Consulting.

Tore Mortvedt

Founder of Serac

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Tore is a skilled designer and business developer with broad experience in digital product development, textile design, and industrial design. He has founded the luxurious clothing brand Serac where he designed the full range of product, and has former experience as a product and concept designer for Schibsted Media Group, as UX manager for ski tech company Skioo and worked as an industrial designer for premium Norwegian brands Helly Hansen and Stokke.

Mathias Owing Maanum

Associate Partner at Antler

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Mathias is an associate partner in early-stage investor Antler and part of their global team. With the goal of turning exceptional individuals into talented founders, Antler has ambitions to create hundreds of companies globally over the next five years. Mathias has extensive experience in asset management, strategy, and business development from McKinsey & Company and Explore Equity.

Henrik Botten Taubøll

Senior Lawyer at Wiersholm

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Henrik is a senior lawyer at Wiersholm, where he primarily works with real estate and transactions. He has a large network in real estate with experience from being a board member of the prop-tech company of Stor-Oslo Eiendom, real estate director at WeWork Norway, and co-founder of organizations PropTech Norway and Young in Real Estate Norway. Henrik has previously worked as a Lawyer for BAHR and has been Academic Director for Cushman & Wakefield. He also has experience as an advisor to Antler - a global early-stage risk investor building the next big wave of technology.

Marit Elisabeth Jensen

Commercial Manager at Stor-Oslo Eiendom

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Marit is a Commercial Manager at Stor-Oslo Eiendom - one of the leading real estate developers in Oslo with prestigious projects such as Munch's Quey. She has extensive experience in property and retail, and an academic background in law. Marit is a former founder and general manager of People & Places, sales manager for Cushman & Wakefield Norway, expansion manager for NorgesGruppen Convenience, and has worked as a developer for Søylen Eiendom, Eger, and Steen & Strøm. Marit has strong skills in project development, business development, marketing strategy, leasing, negotiation, and analysis.

Petter Nyborg

Founder and CEO of Eiendomsprofil AS

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Petter is the founder and CEO of (partly owned by Schibsted), which since 2008 has offered relevant area information for property ads on leading marketplace He is an experienced leader with a long career in real estate and geotechnology. Petter has an M.Phil in geographic information systems and remote sensing from the University of Cambridge. He also has experience as a consultant for companies such as Geodata and the World Bank.

Filippo Remonato

Research Scientist at SINTEF Digital

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Filippo is a mathematician who works with research and development of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods at SINTEF, Norway. Together with his colleagues, Filippo develops techniques for tackling important challenges that shape tomorrow's society through the use of artificial intelligence. Filippo has Ph. D.s in mathematics and statistics from NTNU and Università di Pavia, where the research focused on both rigorous analytical investigations as well as powerful numerical techniques for the solution of partial differential equations describing fluid flows.

Erik Rehbinder

Co-founder and CEO at Squeeze Massasje

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Erik is the founder and general manager of Squeeze massage (part of Askeladden & co). Squeece is Europe's fastest-growing subscription-based massage concept, with a long-term vision of being a global massage community that maximizes the benefits for its clients, therapists, and stakeholders. Erik has experience with business development, strategy, and sustainability advisory from the consulting firm Accenture and company incubator Askeladden & Co.

Nils Juell

COO and Head of Accelerator at StartupLab Oslo

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Nils is COO and Head of the accelerator and incubator at StartupLab in Oslo, Norway's leading startup community. Here he works to support Norway's next unicorns and assist with everything from strategy to recruitment. He is a technology optimist with extensive experience in product and business development in senior roles. Over the past 20 years, he has worked in leading Nordic companies in telecom and media, including Telenor and Schibsted, where he played an active role in the development and delivery of products in new categories. Nils is one of the founders of TIDAL and WiMP and COO of these.


Plaace was born out of the first Antler Oslo program in the spring of 2020 and received funding from premier Norwegian startup supporter StartupLab half a year later. Both investors are giving incredible support to the Plaace growth journey.

Funded by Antler - Who is on a mission to fundamentally improve the world by enabling and help build the defining companies of tomorrow.

Funded by StartupLab - Who is on a mission is to increase the likelihood of success for young companies.