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Data & Insights

Movement: Footfall data from Telia to see where people are moving

Spending: Card transactions for 40+ segments in Norway

Competitive situation: with all Retail and Hospitality companies (turnover per branch)

Demography: data for all statistical units in all of Norway

Data & Insights

Recommendations & Analytics

Similar Areas: Find similar areas to your best locations

Fit Score: Machine learning model that gives you a score based on predicted revenue

Compare Areas: Asses the potential of an area by comparing the data with other areas

Visitor Origin: See true Trade Areas and where visitors live and work

Recommendations & Analytics


Spaces: See all available retail spaces.

Tenants: See where retail tenants want to expand and their property needs.

Malls: Get an overview of all malls, their tenants, turnover and much more.

Collaboration: Make lists, share and collaborate with your coulegues

Competitive situation
Road traffic

Step into Success with Footfall Data

Unlock a world of insights with our Telia data set, offering granular, timely, and comprehensive understanding of movement patterns. From long-term trends to hourly fluctuations, visitor origins and peak days, we let you master the dynamics of your area.

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High-Resolution Data

With data currently provided in 250m x 250m grids in densely visited areas, you can gain an in-depth understanding of any area.

Daily Updates for Unique Insights

Understand how marketing efforts, events & concerts, or political regulations are influencing movement patterns in your area with daily updated movement data.

Track Trends and Unveil the Progress

Track the long-term development, and see how many people are in your area - segmented into people who are at work, at home, or just visiting the area.

Understand Weekly Movement Patterns

Determine which days of the week see the most movement in your area. These insights allow you to align your operations with the rhythm of your area.

Fine-Tune Your Operations with Hourly Insights

Discover the hourly movement patterns for any given day. This granular insight can inform decisions such as setting opening hours, see when people arrive at work, or leave their home.

Understand Where Your Visitors Come From

Get insights into where people are traveling from to visit your area. This valuable information can help you with targeting your marketing efforts or understanding store cannibalisation.

Get The Pulse of Norway's Economy

Dive into our BankAxept data set, covering 75% of all card transactions in Norway. Explore daily updated data, understand spending patterns within 47 categories, and benchmark growth against regional or national levels.

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Daily Spending in 47 Different Retail Categories

Analyse total spending, number of transactions, or basket size within 47 different categories in municipalities - giving you unique insights in the spending patterns all over Norway.

Tailored Insights for Over 650 Areas

Understand spending patterns for retail, hospitality, and services in over 650 areas. We enable granular insights so you can make strategic decisions that align with your unique locality.

Periodized Data for Comparative Analysis

Periodise your data to compare years, months, weeks or days against each other. Identify peak spending days and understand the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for your area or industry.

Indexed Growth for Benchmarking Success

See indexed growth in different retail categories - either within your area or against the municipal / national level. Gain a competitive edge by understanding your performance in the broader context.

Track Spending Growth and CAGR

Monitor the spending growth and Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in your area. These key metrics provide a clear picture of economic and industry trends

Uncover Weekday Spending Patterns

Discover spending patterns across different weekdays and identify peak weekdays. These insights can guide operational decisions as staffing and opening hours.

Navigate the Competitive Landscape

Discover the concept mix, identify your competitors, spot market gaps, and track area development. With data from Prognosesenteret we provide a comprehensive overview of all retail, hospitality, and service companies in Norway, including revenue per store.

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Concept Mix: Understand Your Business Landscape

Get a detailed view of the Concept Mix in your area. Drill down into categories to find the relevant insights for your business.

Competitors’ Top Performing Locations?

See all Retail players in an area and the turnover at each individual location. Explore chains’ turnover over time, their geographical footprint, and which locations are over- or underperforming.

Market Gap: Spot Opportunities for Expansion

Identify market gaps and areas with over or under coverage of different categories. Use these insights to strategically plan your expansion and growth.

Find up-and-coming areas for your business

See the development of your market over time. Understand trends and shifts to stay ahead of the curve and adapt your strategy.

Are there mostly Chains or Independent concepts?

The mix of Chains versus Independent concepts can say a lot about the area, and how unique the offering is.

Demographics Uncovered

We offer granular demographic insights from Norway’s smallest administrative sections, ‘grunnkrets’. Explore Population Distribution, Household types, Income levels, and Demographic trends.

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Population Insights: Age and Gender Distribution

Understand the number of people in your area, along with their age and gender distribution. Use these insights to tailor your business strategies to your local population.

Household Composition: Cater to Your Community

Explore the different types of Households in your area. Whether they're single-person households or families, knowing your community helps you better cater to their needs.

Income Levels: Understand Purchasing Power

Gain insights into Median Income per Household and the Income Distribution in your area. Understand your community's purchasing power to inform your pricing, marketing and positioning strategies.

Demographic Trends: Stay Ahead of Change

Track how Demographics are developing in your area over time. Stay ahead of changes and adapt your business to evolving community needs.

Drive Your Success with Road Traffic

Explore our Road Traffic data set, offering valuable insights into how many cars are driving at the roads. An invaluable tool for retailers, property owners, and businesses reliant on road-side customer base.

Unlock Valuable Traffic Insights

Understand the traffic flow on different road segments across Norway. Our data provides a comprehensive view, helping you identify high-traffic areas and potential business opportunities.

Drive Your Business Forward

With Plaace, you're not just observing traffic - you're finding your road to success. Use our insights to optimise your location, attract more customers, and move your business forward.

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