Data & Insights
Recommendations & Analytics

Data & Insights

Movement: Footfall data from Telia to see where people are moving

Spending: Card transactions for 40+ segments in Norway

Competitive situation: with all Retail and Hospitality companies (turnover per branch)

Demography: data for all statistical units in all of Norway

Data & Insights

Recommendations & Analytics

Similar Areas: Find similar areas to your best locations

Fit Score: Machine learning model that gives you a score based on predicted revenue

Compare Areas: Asses the potential of an area by comparing the data with other areas

Visitor Origin: See true Trade Areas and where visitors live and work

Recommendations & Analytics


Spaces: See all available retail spaces.

Tenants: See where retail tenants want to expand and their property needs.

Malls: Get an overview of all malls, their tenants, turnover and much more.

Collaboration: Make lists, share and collaborate with your coulegues

Similar areas
Revenue prediction
Compare areas
Visitors origin
Walk & drive time

Similar Areas - Uncover Your Next Success Story

Turn your top-performing location into a blueprint for success. By identifying key factors that drive your best performance, we empower you to discover new locations with similar potential.

Identify Your Top Performer

Start by pinpointing your top-performing locations. Use our platform to delve into the specifics of what makes this area a success for your business.

Data-Driven Similarity Analysis

We identify areas that mirror the conditions of your top-performing location by analysing movement pattern, demography, and the competitive situation.

Discover New Opportunities

Uncover new potential hotspots that resemble your best-performing area. Use these insights to target the right locations and strategically expand your business.

Revenue Predictions - Maximize Your Earnings

Turn data into powerful insights with our machine learning and AI models. Our platform blends your stores performance with extensive third-party data, delivering customised, area-based revenue predictions for new areas.

Data for Every Retail Location

We have extensive third-party data around every retail location. From footfall and demography to card transactions and public transport, we've got it all covered.

Understanding What Drives Your Revenue

Our models integrates your performance metrics with our third party data to understand what your business needs to succeed and what drives your revenue.

Area-Based Prediction

Leverage our platform's capabilities to predict your potential revenue based on the specific area conditions and your revenue drivers.

Finding High-Revenue Areas with Confidence

Turn insights into actions. With our precise revenue predictions, you can optimise your business strategies, maximise your performance, and reach your revenue goals.

Compare Areas to Boost Your Strategy

Leverage our ‘Compare Areas’ feature to benchmark areas and identify growth opportunities. Access comprehensive data, compare key metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your business strategy.

Select up to 4 Areas to Compare

Choose the areas you want to compare. Whether you're drawing boundaries, defining areas based on walk or drive time, or selecting predefined commercial hubs, our platform makes it easy.

See how the Areas Stack Up

See how data from different locations stack up against each other. Gain valuable insights into how various areas compare in terms of key metrics.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Transform your insights into action. Use the comparisons to make informed, strategic decisions for your business expansion or optimization of existing stores.

Discover Your True Catchment Area

Our ‘Visitors Origin’ feature provides valuable insights into visitor behaviour, revealing where the visitors live and work. Empower your strategy with data-driven understanding of your catchment areas.

Understand your Visitor Behaviour

Dive deep into our footfall data to understand your visitors' origin. Discover where the visitors live and work and see the total number of visits.

See your True Catchment Area

Understand if two stores are catering to the same areas, and identify potential cannibalisation or marketing opportunities.

Strategize for Success

Leverage these insights to optimize your retail strategy. Prevent store cannibalization, enhance customer experience, and drive your business growth.

Explore Areas Based on Travel Time

Our platform enables you to select areas based on walking, driving, and cycling times from a specific address, empowering you with deeper insights for the area that’s relevant for you.

Draw Realistic Catchment Areas

Draw areas based on travel times (walking, driving or cycling), and we’ll give you unparalleled insights for the given area, enabling informed data driven decision-making.

Compare Relevant Areas

You can easily compare two areas made from walk & drive time. This makes it easy to benchmark location - Read more about “Compare Areas” here.

Make Your Data Story with Dashboards

Create dashboards tailored to your unique needs. Customise your dashboard and save insights to create a focused, data-driven presentation that supports your purpose.

Personalised Insights

Every use case is unique, and so should be your data analysis. With Dashboards, customize and save the information that matters to you, creating a bespoke data experience that aligns with your specific needs.

Interactive Presentations

Transform your data into a living presentation. Insert images, write comments about the insights, and create a compelling narrative that tells your story.

Sharing is Caring

Dashboards aren’t just for you. Export your personalized dashboards as a PDF, or share the link with your colleagues. Facilitate collaborative decision-making and drive your business forward.

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