Summer Party with the Awesome Plaace Family

We celebrated the beginning of summer by hosting a summer party for the Plaace family.

Plaace summer party

Wednesday 23 June was a milestone for Plaace – finally we could host a summer party after Covid-19! The entire Plaace team was invited as well as advisers and key supporters. We were lucky and got the weather gods with us, and were able to enjoy the sun and summer heat until late at night up on the roof terrace of Oslo Science Park.

In addition to delicious food and drink, games were on the agenda. During the evening we were able to entertain ourselves by having “The Dinner Mission”, a game where people are given instructions that they will carry out during the evening. Here we could enjoy a spontaneous solo show by sales intern Marius, unwanted photo sessions that never ended and fictional stories that simply made no sense. In addition, all teams were allowed to design their own outfit of old IKEA bags, tested their engineering skills by assembling Kinder Egg toys under pressure, and fact-checking their geography skills in the form of a quiz.

Summer party

We would like to thank everyone who participated and who contributed to making it a successful evening. We would also like to thank Lille Persille for excellent food!

∼ Plaace

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