Plaace launches Property Information

Valuable for retailers, property owners, and urban developers.

Now, you can easily access property registry details, ownership information, and property boundaries via Plaace.

With the introduction of Property Information, we’re adding a new dimension of insight, complementing existing data on movement patterns, demographics, spending habits, and the competitive landscape.

Having access to Property Information significantly reduces the effort required to identify property boundaries and ownership, simplifying tasks for retailers, real estate investors, and urban planners.

Useful for retailers

Retailers looking to negotiate leases or buy properties often face the challenge of finding the right owners to talk to. Plaace cuts through this complexity by providing immediate access to detailed property information, making it straightforward to identify owners.

Useful for real real estate investors:

Real estate investors spend significant time searching for attractive investment opportunities. With Plaace and access to detailed Property Information, it becomes not only easier to identify and evaluate potential purchase objects but also to uncover ownership structures.

Useful for urban developers

Urban developers often aim to map out the ownership structures of properties in central areas. With Plaace, this task is significantly simplified, supporting efficient planning and decision-making in urban development projects.

Do you want to know more?

With Plaace, gain access to unique Property Information nationwide, all in one place. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat, and together, we can discover how Property Information can advance your business.
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