Our pilot program is growing!

With 16 participating pilot companies, we are getting more and more feedback and can build an even better product

We have had great traction after New Years and our pilot program is rapidly increasing. We are now counting 16 participating companies including Døgnvill Burger, Sumo Restaurants, Squeeze Massasje, Retail Property AS, Alti forvaltning AS and Heimstaden Norge. These are exciting companies that are experiencing rapid growth and powerful real estate companies that have a strong foothold in the Norwegain market. The aim is to help these companies meet their goals – whether that’s finding a profitable new location for their business or filling an empty retail space with a tenant that’s likely to succeed.

We recently ran an intense online workshop with our pilot partners focusing on new functionality and data and got a lot of helpful feedback. Using the amazing online whiteboard tool, Miro, we managed to sketch out ideas, share post-its and give everyone a chance to give feedback and share what was important to them.

We will have a number of new functionalities on the platform that will be publicly available towards the end of Q1 2021. 

Thanks to all our amazing pilot partners for the participation and continuous feedback. We’re looking forward to continue building an exceptional product together to make vibrant streets and cities – stay tuned!

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