Location Intelligence for Expansion Managers

Location intelligence makes it easier for you to find ideal locations based on your success criteria.

Make smarter decisions with location intelligence

What’s important to you when choosing a location?

Do you primarily think about patterns of movement and accessibility, or are demographics and proximity to the target audience more important? How important is the competition from nearby stores? And to what extent do you consider the area’s future growth and development in your location choice?

Location intelligence makes it easier for you to find ideal locations based on your success criteria.

What is location intelligence?

Location intelligence is all about understanding the physical world. By looking at geographic information, such as where people live and how they move, you can examine specific areas in detail. This can help you find ideal locations for expansion.

How to use location intelligence in expansion?

By utilizing analysis tools and valuable functionalities, you can reveal patterns, trends, and opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden to you.

  • Movement: By delving into movement data sourced from cell phones, you gain critical insights into foot traffic and usage patterns within an area. This analysis aids in comprehending the behavioral tendencies of visitors, identifying high-traffic streets, and pinpointing areas with significant commercial appeal.
  • Demographics: An in-depth examination of the demographic data allows you to understand crucial aspects such as age distribution, income levels, and household sizes. Targeting new store locations towards areas that resonate with your ideal customer profile significantly bolsters the likelihood of a store’s success.
  • Spending: Through the analysis of transaction data, you uncover valuable insights into consumer purchasing behaviors and identify which areas are on an upward trajectory. This intelligence is key to pinpointing locales with robust purchasing power and heightened demand for your products.
  • Competitive situation: A thorough assessment of existing businesses in the area, coupled with an analysis of your competitors’ store locations, openings, and closures, provides a clear view of market saturation levels. This strategic insight is instrumental in identifying untapped opportunities for market entry or expansion.


Incorporating location intelligence as part of your expansion strategy offers a range of benefits and simplifies the expansion process. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Work Smarter: Area insight gives you the facts you need to make smart choices. This lowers the chance of wasting money and makes it more likely your expansion will succeed.
  • Save Time: With area insight, you quickly find and check out new spots. This means you spend less time planning and more time growing.
  • Stay Ahead of the Competition: Knowing what your rivals are up to helps you find the best spots and avoid market pitfalls. This keeps your business strong.

In short, location intelligence helps you grow your business smarter and faster.

Do you want to know more?

With Plaace, you gain access to unique area insight in the Nordics, all in one place.

Feel free to contact us for a chat, and let’s explore together how location intelligence can support your growth strategy.

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