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Data insights help you pick a tenant that will thrive at your location

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Advertise your spaces to relevant retail tenants and save time as you only receive serious inquiries from relevant companies.

Use data to understand which tenants will thrive in your area

Insights into the competitive situation, neighbourhood, movement and spending patterns will help to determine which tenant will succeed. 
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Find the perfect tenant

See retail tenants' space requirements and expansion plans - making it easy to choose the business that suites your space


List your retail spaces for free


Use data to understand which tenants will thrive in your area


Find the perfect tenant

Norway's first data driven
matching platform

“Valuable insights in an early development phase, when designing and facilitating for retail, and when actually signing a tenant”

Marit Elisabeth Jensen
Stor Oslo Eiendom

“Valuable insights in an early development phase, when designing and facilitating for retail, and when actually signing a tenant”

You’re in good company

The insight you need when choosing your next tenant

The right location is crucial for the profitability of any retail, hospitality, or service company. We’ll give you the insights you need to choose the best possible tenant for your area

The illustration shows insight from Majorstuen

The insights you need to make better decisions

A next generation matching platform with tenants looking to expand, free listings, and the data insights you need to choose the optimal tenant for your area

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s free to use the platform, list commercial properties and see simple area information around your property. If you want advanced data and decision support on which tenant to choose we recommend the paid subscription with data from Vipps/BankAxept, Prognosesenteret, and Telia. The price of a subscription varies depending on the subscription period and how many retail properties your company holds. See the price page to find a subscription that suits you.

It’s free to advertise commercial spaces, but the platform is also two-sided, which means you get to see which companies are looking to expand or establish themselves in your area. Relevant data and insight make choosing the right tenant easier and we guarantee that you’ll only receive serious inquiries from professional businesses.

Anyone who has commercial properties suited for retail and hospitality can list these properties for free on the Plaace platform. We collaborate with a wide range of customers spanning from private individuals to some of Norway’s largest real estate companies.

Through our collaboration with Prognosesenteret, we’ve mapped all 50,000+ locations within retail, hospitality, and services in Norway. Several of these businesses have created profiles with their expansion plans and what facilities they need in their next retail space. As of June 2021, there are 35 active tenants, and this number is constantly increasing.

After creating a profile for your property, potential tenants will be able to reach out if they think it’s a good fit. If you have a paid subscription, you also see where businesses are looking to expand and what needs they have from the commercial property. In the future, the matching will happen automatically, and you will receive suggestions on which tenants are most likely to succeed in your area.

With help from data, you are in a better position to choose a long-term tenant with the best conditions for success in your specific area. In this way, you minimize the chance of frequent tenant replacements and the high costs associated with lost rent, brokerage fees, and new rebuilding expenses.

The data helps you to see the retail property’s access to customers, its competitive situation, purchasing patterns, as well as the top-performing tenants around your location. This will help you determine if a tenant has the right prerequisites for success. In the long run, the platform will provide automatic recommendations and expected revenue for potential tenants.

The implemented data is tailored to a retail-, hospitality- and service perspective. It allows both tenants and property managers to make superior fact-based choices. The combination of a two-sided platform and relevant data at the very same platform is unique to the market.

The paid subscription is suitable for anyone with retail property who wants to minimize the risk of choosing a bad tenant and wants to maximize rental income for the premise. Whether you are a private individual or a large company with many retail locations, the data helps you make objective and fact-based decisions that ensure better management of your property.