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Did you know that you can instantly access area insights for every street in Scandinavia? And that movement patterns, demographics, card usage, competitive landscape, property information, and much more are available in Plaace? Norway’s leading retail players use Plaace and area insights to work smarter with operations, consolidation, and expansion.

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About Europris

Europris is one of Norway’s largest and most well-known discount chains. It offers a wide range of products, including groceries, household items, leisure equipment, and much more. The chain has 280 stores spread across the country.


Europris needed more detailed area insights to support their expansion strategy. They wanted a user-friendly tool with good functionality to identify ideal locations for expansion. Although Europris only leases premises (does not own any buildings), it is very valuable for them to have insights into property information.


To meet these needs, Europris started using Plaace. The tool provides them with the insights they need through a user-friendly interface. With the help of Plaace, Europris can find whitespots and easily access property information. Insights from Plaace are also used in lease renegotiations.

“Plaace is an important tool for us in our work with expansion and operations. With area insights and Plaace, we can make better decisions. The rapid rollout of new functionality and new data sources, such as updated demographics and cadastre data, has been especially useful for us.”

Gunnar Børresen

Etableringsdirektør at Europris

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By analyzing movement patterns, demographic data, trade dynamics, and competitor locations, you can make smarter decisions for your chain. You can compare stores and track them over time. You can find your success criteria for expansion and identify ideal locations for new stores. Would you like to see how area insights can support your business strategy and contribute to the growth of your chain? Book a demo with Plaace today.

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