Inside Plaace: what’s it like to be an intern?

The Plaace interns talk about what it´s like to work at Plaace

We have spoken to our 7 interns to hear what it´s like to work at Plaace! Adrian, Simen, Patrik, Helene Sabine, Emma and Marius tell us how the application process was, what they work with and what they like best about working at Plaace.

What made these 7 students apply for a job at Plaace?

Several of the interns mentioned that they had gotten a very good impression of Plaace from friends and acquaintances. In addition, they found the concept very interesting, and it seemed that they could get challenging tasks that suited both interests and studies. For Sabine, “the first priority was to work in a start-up, as I believe that this is where you can learn the most over a shorter period and gain unique insight and knowledge you would not get elsewhere”. The application process was an entirely positive experience for all of the interns, and they felt safe and well taken care of from the first moment. All Plaace team members that the interns met in different interviews were very accommodating, and the whole process was personalized to find out how each candidate could fit into the team and what they could contribute with.

“As an intern at Plaace, I have had to focus on tasks that have taught me far more than any subject at school,” says Adrian, who works with data science and business analytics. In addition, Patrik feels that as an intern “he is a full-fledged member of the team and has been given an incredible amount of responsibility”. Sabine agrees: “You get a lot of responsibility already in the early stages, which can be a little scary, but is first and foremost an incredibly fun and educational experience.”

There are mainly three different types of interns at present in Plaace: sales and business development, marketing, and business analytics. In these positions, the interns do a lot of different things. Among others, they work with content for the website and platform, develop algorithms that form the basis of Plaace’s analytics offerings, spread the message of Plaace through various sales channels and optimize SEO. Marius says, “I help create a sales process from A to Z so that our customers get maximum value from Plaace’s unique platform.”

Marius Mæhle og Simen Bratholm
Marius and Simen in front of StartupLab
We also asked the interns what they think is the best thing about working at Plaace.

Everyone was quite clear about the fact that it was the team and the people who work at Plaace that make it such a nice workplace. “The best thing about working at Plaace has to be the people. Everyone is willing to work hard and help each other when needed, and give each other space to develop and stand on their own two feet. It’s a start-up, so things happen fast and new tasks keep popping up, which I think is a lot of fun!” says Helene. Others also mentioned the trust within the team, as well as the low threshold for asking for help. Sabine and Marius agreed that everyone motivates and cheers each other on to create value on all levels. “In addition, the company has a young environment with drive that contributes to being engaged in the work,” says Simen.

Simen Bratholm, Marius Mæhle and Sabine Hammerstad in Plaace-Merch
And the most exciting thing…?

The interns were in complete agreement that the most exciting thing about Plaace as a company was the potential and opportunities that lie in the concept. “The value that Plaace creates can be what is needed to save the city floor and create life in cities across the country,” says Adrian. In addition, the interns mentioned that the strong growth of Plaace and the big future plans made Plaace a very cool company with a lot to offer both now and in the future.

Our interns walking towards Forskningsparken
Our interns in front of Forskningsparken

Finally, we asked what the students hope to get out of their internship at Plaace.

The interns have worked at Plaace for different lengths of time, some for several months and others for a few weeks so far. Still, everyone has things they want to get out of (or have gotten out of) the internship. Many want to challenge and develop their academic knowledge from school with practical experience. Emma also says that “I look forward to getting in touch with customers, and forging relationships with the people who also believe in Plaace.” Patrik adds “I hope to be able to challenge and develop myself academically and be able to contribute with projects that are both value-creating for Plaace and personally rewarding.” Helene wants to develop her digital skills and has learned to use WordPress, among other things in her time at Plaace. Marius wants to develop and challenge his sales skills and learn as much as possible. He also says that he enjoys working at Plaace so much that he would consider getting paid in candy instead of a salary if it was offered. “Though this is not an invitation,” he concludes with a smile.

Helene, Simen, Adrian and Patrik also participated in the interview. Read more about our interns on the team page. 

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