Purchasing Pattern

What if you knew how money is spent, and get daily updates on changes in the market? You’ll find the answers in our data from BankAxept covering 75% of all card transactions in Norway.

Daily updates on total spending in different categories

What’s the transaction volume for your type of business, total amount spent, and which days are peaking? Our data gives a complete overview over the number of transactions and amount spent in the areas. You’ll easily see how large the market really is, and which days stand out.

Daily updated data in spending on retail and hospitality

How spending is developing over time

Millions of transactions gathered over several years enables you to see changes in transaction patterns and purchasing behaviour. Filter down into specific categories and compare the results with other areas.

Data from Oslo City Centre showing the effects of COVID restrictions

On average - which weekdays have the highest volumes?

Understand which days you can expect the most or the least traffic. Use the insights to plan when to run campaigns, increase staffing or determine opening hours.

Average turnover Monday – Sunday for a specific area

Weekly spending averages on smaller geographical areas

When looking at weekly averages you’ll get data from sub boroughs in Oslo. This gives you a more holistic view of changes in the area’s purchasing patterns over the last 90-days.

Weekly average turnover for a district

How is your industry developing on a national level?

Is the spending increasing for toy stores – is there a negative trend for bakeries – or is your industry stable over time? On a national level, you can drill down into 48 categories to follow your industry and how it’s developing.