Movement patterns

Ever wondered who, and how many people visit an area? Our data from Telia will tell you which time and day most people are in an area, the reason why they’re there and who they are.

Most people in Oslo City Centre on Monday or Saturday?

Understand the number of people in an area, and whether they’re at work, at home or visting. We’ll give you the average number of people on a given weekday for a quarter. You can retrieve data from 2019 to present, and choose the time period you want.

Average number of visitors per day by type of visit.

Which area has the most people during lunch time?

See how many people are in an area – hour by hour. Get further insights on the distribution of people, and how many are at work, visiting or at home. This allows you to easily compare areas and further know when to expect customers.

Area characterized by few residents but many who come for work purposes

Area with high number of residents and low number of workplaces

Notice the difference

between Oslo City Centre

and Grunerlokka!