Competitive situation

Be one step ahead of your competitors with unique market insights. Determine the area potential, keep track of how it’s progressing and identify your ideal location.

Who are my competitors and where do I find them?

See the composition of all retail, hospitality and service locations in an area to see if the mix of retail is suitable for you. Dive into your category to find relevant competitors, and see how many cafes or jewelry stores there are in an area you are considering.

Mix of retail and hospitality concepts in Bogstadveien.

Where are my competitors top performing locations?

See all the companies’ in an area and their revenue on each individual location. See chains development over time, where they have the biggest footprint, and which locations are over- and underperforming.

Turnover by rank, Slemdal 2019

Discover market gaps and opportunities

See which categories are over- or under represented against the average in the municipality. With a coverage analysis of a chosen area you’ll see where there is a need your product or service, and discover market gaps and opportunities.

Grünerløkka: retail is overrepresented while food and experiences are underrepresented in this area

Find up and coming areas for your business

See how your category is developing in an area and choose your next location where the potential is increasing. Trend developments can also be used when renegotiate existing contracts if the area is becoming more or less attractive.

Data from Barcode, Oslo – an area experiencing growth

Are there mostly chains or independent concepts?

The compositions of chains versus independent concepts can say lot about the mix in the area, and potentially in which areas have a more unique and diversified offering.

Compositions of chains and independent concepts at Frogner