About Plaace

Plaace delivers a data-driven platform to match retail 

tenants and retail properties.



By using external data sources and analytics, the platform allows tenants to establish themselves in the best possible locations, and property owners can choose the concepts that are best suited to their property.

Our story

We have often found ourselves walking around the cities we live in, wondering why so many storefronts are empty or retail spaces stand unused for long periods of time. We want to remedy this problem and have created Plaace as a tool to help drive positive change and build cities worth living in. We do so by giving retail tenants and property owners the means to succeed.

Our vision of being the world’s number one company for creating vibrant streets and cities can be realised by supporting the people responsible for building our urban fabric. By giving business owners and property managers the tools needed to make successful data-driven decisions, we believe everyone will benefit.